Unveiling Hemera Web, the Industrial Web OS 1

It’s finally here! As promised, this is the first of a series of news and announcements about Hemera’s new product line. Hemera Web is a complete HTML5 application platform for embedded devices. Plug in, configure the network and the URL with Hemera SDK, and deploy. No further steps required. Seeing is believing, so here’s a video showing Hemera Web running on a Freescale i.MX6, our first supported SoC (with more to come):

Where’s the magic? We’re delivering a web engine based on Chromium/Blink or Mozilla/Gecko (depending on the target hardware platform) on top of Wayland, to ensure smooth graphics and rendering on top of EGL/OpenGL. This, on one hand, makes GPU a hard requirement, on the other it makes sure you won’t run out of resources even on small CPUs. Then, we integrate with the underlying VPU/DSP (again, this strongly depends on the target hardware) to make sure the browser will use the correct pipelines for rendering.

In short: you’ll be delivered an optimized and accelerated canvas for your HTML5 applications ready and running. And you’ll also be able to integrate an add on for delivering your HTML applications locally from an embedded web server.

Hemera Web is available now for purchase, and will soon be available preinstalled on a series of hardware from our trusted partners. Get in touch with us, or find out more on our brand new website.

And of course, subscribe to Hemera newsletter on our website, because there’s a lot more coming up in the next few days!