About us

Ispirata is a software company devoted to creating innovative and advanced solutions in the embedded space.

Based in Milan, Italy, the company was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers who were looking forward to bring their competencies and past experience to the market. After a brief period of successful consultancy on a variety of topics, the company refocused on product development, with the aim of improving and innovating the area everyone knew best: embedded appliances.

Hemera is the flagship product of Ispirata and is the perfect synthesis of its technical experience and vision: an advanced, innovative yet incredibly simple to use Operating System aimed towards the development of custom appliances and products.

Ispirata proactively promotes through its business model standardization and strategic synergies in the whole ecosystem, from hardware manufacturers to distributors, with the aim of providing customers with complete solutions. We work together to provide you with easy, fast and efficient ways to bring your new (and old) products to the market. Hemera, just like every product in Ispirata, is Embedded made easy.


Since 2014, Ispirata is assisted in its growth by a board of renowned managers and entrepreneurs, among which Docflow Italia S.p.A., which assists Ispirata with its knowledge, experience and vision.