We build Open Source software solutions for data orchestration and connected devices,
empowering companies and developers with the right tools to create their next big thing.

Our Manifesto

Open Source, over the last years, has proven to be the de-facto standard when it comes to middleware.
It allows for more control, more freedom and overall better quality while reducing risks and getting the most out of your money.
In an era where even traditional businesses have to face the challenge of technology, we want to be the ones driving the Data-first revolution, enabling every company to become a Software Company.
Our Open Platforms are all about putting the power back in your hands, and we are here to help you do so.


What we do

Our business model revolves around Open Source code.
All of our solutions are available on Github and have independent communities, with a commitment to permissive licensing (e.g.: Apache2, MIT), no contribution barriers and no hard CLAs.
We want our users and contributors to be as free as they should be.

We support our development and give more to Enterprises adopting our solutions with two different kinds of
commercial offerings:

  • Enterprise – our Open platforms,
    supercharged with extended support and additional, production-oriented components.
  • SaaS – As-a-service turnkey solutions to reduce
    your infrastructure costs and rely on our experience in infrastructure management.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

If you need further help beyond our commercial offering,
we’re here for you.
Whether it’s from us or through our extended, local partner network, we can walk you through any needs for your project, provide you with custom development and more.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

The Data Orchestration Platform


Astarte is the platform of choice to transform your IoT data into an AI Environment, and it’s open source!

We provide a software solution to put your data to work and go cloud-native with zero devops. Our main aim is to empower anyone, from big companies to end-users, to run, manage and benefit from the power of Kubernetes applied to Data Analysis.

You can even bundle your algorithm in a container and let Astarte handle it; from collection, to processing, to orchestration.


If browsing our GitHub repositories and going through our detailed documentation and tutorials turn out not to be enough for you, we frequently hold webinars on the topic of Astarte, IoT and Data Science.

By registering to webinars, you will be provided access for free to an Astarte instance for the 30 days following the webinar, so that you can keep on experimenting with the platform.