We are technology makers.
We build solutions for creating awesome software.

We are a group of people who believe software development has changed. We believe modern applications should have less code and be easier to build. We believe in integration rather than development. We believe in removing the technology barrier between an idea and its execution.
We build solutions to make all of this happen.

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Our Expertise and Solutions

IoT and Embedded

We build Hemera for embedded devices, so you can stop worrying about anything which isn’t your application.

IoT/Cloud Middleware

We build Astarte, so you can connect any device to any application, without writing a single line of code.

Scalable infrastructures

We operate hemera.cloud and astarte.cloud, so that your applications can always be online and operational.

Open to the core

Great foundations are meant to be open. We release most of the code we build under open licenses, to benefit individuals, companies and anyone who wants to build something great for everyone.

And we welcome anyone to join us in building technology powering the software of tomorrow.

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